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Uganda has a population of 37.5 million people - over half of whom are less than 16 years of age - and face many challenges in remaining healthy.


With the health infrastructure requiring patients to contribute to health costs many people put off seeking healthcare until their symptoms are severe, and in children this can be extremely dangerous.


In Uganda 57 children in every 1000 under the age of 5 years die, (compared to only 4/1000 in the UK), and every pregnant woman in Uganda has a 1:35 chance of dying due to a pregnancy related complication.


Malaria is estimated to have killed 20,000 people in 2013 and HIV and Tuberculosis rates are amongst the highest in the world.


Road accidents are common with 2.2% of deaths in Uganda due to traffic injuries and children there experience a significant number of burns (often due to traditional cooking methods or use of candles) with 11% of all injuries being casued by fire or scalds, and 70% of these occur in children less than 5 years of age.


High rates of poverty impact on health resilience and accessing education, and these factors contribute to poor health outcomes for many. 

TUSC Uganda Nellie Ann Van

Introducing Nellie-Ann Van!

Thanks to all of our generous friends and supporters we have managed to purchase a new vehicle!  Nelie-Ann van was acquired in March 2017, after several months of searching car bonds in Kampala (which is not an enjoyable task!).  Through the kindness of a stranger we came to meet Mintu (pictured above with Yakub) who helped us to find an excellent vehicle at a very good price.  Mintu also helped us to re-configure the seats in the back to make them more conducive to seating for our passengers.  Read more about this exciting new acquisition!

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