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Transport for Ugandan Sick Children TUSC


We rely completely on donations from friends and family and small fundraising events.  We are grateful for any and all donations and 100% of the monies raised are used towards keeping the project running in Uganda, with local UK overheads covered by the trustees and members. 


Fuel and repairs to our van account for a large indent into our funds; fuel being approximately £1.00/litre (August 2015) and repairs being ongoing and consistent due to the very poor state of the Ugandan roads.


With running costs and fuel prices continually rising (price/litre in Uganda is approx 1 GBP/litre and in the UK 1,15 GBP/litre, Canada .60 GBP/litre), we depend on the kind donations of our supporters to keep our "Nellie-Ann Van" moving.


Medical Supplies
Mosquito Nets

Fundraising is a talent in itself and in these days of so many competing demands and needs is a real challenge. If you have any skills in this area or feel that you would like to help raise funds for us please contact us.


We are also linked into Givingabit so any online purchases made through their site provides a small donation towards TUSC without it costing an extra penny to you. 


During our regular trips to Ugana we fill our luggage allowance with medical aids that are donated by colleagues and friends; these range from unwanted medicines, dressings, catheter equipment, blood pressure machines, inhalers, crutches/splints, anti-septics, syringes,  and bandages.  


We also collect small baby hats/clothes and blankets for premature babies.


Again, all donations are very gratefully recieved and make a huge difference to individuals and organisations in Uganda.

Since we began in 2012, TUSC has provided over 500 mosquito nets to children and adults living in Jinja and surrounding areas.  One mosquito net costs approximately  £2.00 / $3.1, (depending on exchange rates, and not including transport costs).


As well as Insecticide Treated Nets (ITN's) we often provide soap to children who have a diarrhoeal disease and this costs around £1.00 in country for a large bar that a whole family can use to protect against the spread of the disease whilst the child is sick.   


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