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TUSC is grateful for our friends and supporters who provide donations from the world over.  Several times througout the year, fundraising events take place - either organized by TUSC - or organized by our supporters.  Below are some of the recent events that have taken place that help to keep our Billy Busy on the road and TUSC running. 

Kids helping Kids

Thank you to Thurlow Primary School in England who in June raised over 250 GBP for TUSC!  A very special mention goes to a young lass named Libby who started the ball rolling....having received some money for a good report card, she told her mom that she wanted to donate the money to TUSC and "help kids"!  Well done Libby and Thurlow Primary.    

Annual Curry 

Our Curry Night is becoming a yearly tradition!  We are very thankful for all of the TUSC friends who come and support the event.  This year's was held in March at the Indian Harvest Restaurant in Rossendale.  Thank you to all who attended or supported us with a donation.  .

Yakub jumps! 


While in Uganda, a TUSC friend sponsored Yakub to Bungee jump and help fundraise for TUSC.  Several of Yakub's uni friends came to watch the exciting event.  Yakub valiantly took the plunge and TUSC raised over 450 GBP from all of the amazing TUSC supporters who shared in the excitement of seeing the video of Yakub jump! 

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